Sunday, July 18, 2010

loving : seed frill layered bather

are these too fancy for swimming lessons? hehe. this is what my mini me will be wearing this summer. to the beach, to the pool, and under the sprinkler. i love them!

Friday, July 9, 2010

{destination} but where?

do you ever feel that you've lost direction? do you sometimes gaze into thin air and find yourself wondering where life is taking you? or where it's not taking you? does life need to be taking you somewhere? do you need a plan and a routine? do you need that something to aim for to keep you motivated and on the go? whether it be a holiday, planning for a new baby or saving for that perfect home? do we even need a life plan or do you just take day by day and week by week as it comes?

i would really like to hear your thoughts on that...

i see my friends and family all planning exciting trips away, and i am wondering if i will get to that stage again. will i travel again? will it be when my kids are older? will it be with the kids? and anyway, why do i have the travel bug back? i am envious of my friends and family who are about to go travelling, and i am also so excited for them. new destinations, new food, new cultures, it's all so exciting to be in the midst of a new place. don't you think?