Sunday, January 31, 2010

the dato & the fridge

what happens when you give a mechanic a camera!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

style file :: oopsie

the super cool lifestyle products from new label oopsie are now available in our online store. if you haven't had a squiz yet at these awesome products, you really are missing out.

the first range from oopsie includes a gorgeous take on the basic cooler bag, which is super funky and my personal favourite. it takes me straight back to my full time work days, i nearly always took my lunch to work and i spent quite a few weekends looking for a groovy lunch bag but never succeeded in finding it. i gave up on my search and continued to just shove my lunch in my handbag. clearly i wasn't the only one disappointed in the lack of options available for a multi purpose bag like this. thank heavens for two wonderful gold coast mum's, jo and sandy, for coming to the rescue!

the range also includes practical but stylish single and double bottle bags. all three products are made from a durable polyester outer and have easy to clean pvc heat sealed lining. the single bottle bag comes with a d-ring attached so you can clip it onto anything, while the lunch and multi bags have an adjustable strap aswell as internal and external pockets. the lunch bag also fits in a 6 pack perfectly!

oopsie is practical and stylish, and already proving to be very popular. grab yours today!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

is this year centenary year?

georg jensen. my favourite jeweller. this is the centenary ring in platinum. i have loved this ring for over 8 years now and it hasn't grown old or out dated on me. this ring will one day be on my finger.

Friday, January 22, 2010

review this :: back to school with stuck on you

i am a bit of an organised person and i just love stationery. so you can imagine i was thrilled to bits when stuck on you asked me to review their back to school products. i used to love january's when i was a kid. not only did i get to celebrate my birthday before going back to school, but i also got to pick out all of my books and folders and pencils and sharpeners. it was always my favourite month of the year, i loved it! i used to write my name on a skinny bit of paper, sometimes colour over it with a highlighter, put sticky tape on the top of it, and i would wind it around my pens and pencils. and that was how i labelled my things! yes, times have certainly changed!

not everyone is like me however, and i'm sure when you're a parent of one or more kids that are going to school, buying for back to school probably isn't on the top of your favourite things to do list! thank heavens for stuck on you! i am super impressed with their stylish tools 4 school pack, it's quality, designer and has everything you need. the whole pack is personalised with your name and you get a pencil case filled with a ruler, scissors, 2 hb pencils, eraser, sharpener, a set of 10 coloured markers and a set of 12 coloured pencils. this pack is $34.95. back to school goodies really doesn't stop there though, so do yourself a favour and click on over to their website. there's backpacks, lunch boxes, library bags, notepads, budding artist packs, name labels, clothing labels, shoe dots... i really can go on and on, but i'll leave the rest for you to discover!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

style file :: post pregnancy belly wrap

if you feel that you'll want a little help with firming your tummy back into shape after bub has been born, then let me introduce to you the post pregnancy belly wrap. belly wraps have been used for centuries, all over the world. i recently was telling my nan about the wraps in one of our afternoon phone calls, and she told me she wore one after birth for 6 out of 7 babies she'd had, they were called step-in's and you most certainly wouldn't not have worn one back in her day.

so what is it and how does it work? the wraps help with the process of flattening and firming your tummy, they help to smooth out those wobbly bits, give you abdominal and lower back support, minimises bloating and water retension, promotes good posture and is recommended by physiotherapists and midwives. it ticks all the boxes and has a small price tag of $49.95.

the best time to use a belly wrap is within the first 6 weeks, starting a day or two, after birth. the wraps are made from a polyester/lyrca blend, so they will stretch and mould to your body, and with the generous velcro strip, you can adjust it as your tummy shrinks allowing you to continue to use the wrap as your body slims down. the best way to decide on which wrap size is right for you is to measure your tummy at around your 8 month pregnancy mark. this will give you a good guide as to the size your belly will be just after your baby is born. in helping you choose the right belly wrap for you, or for someone else as a gift, there are three sizes to choose from:

pre pregnancy pant size
fits belly size
70cm - 86cm
85cm - 107cm
102cm - 122cm

belly wraps are proving to be very popular and sought after, celebrities included! they will make a great hospital bag addition or baby shower gift, and you can purchase them now from our website.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a yummy mummy schaffa

do you remember my post about freckles the schaffas? incase you didn't, here's a quick background check on how and what the family of schaffas is...

chris edser and sam barratt from screamdance picked a bunch of art friends from all over the world to customise their own breed of schaffas. each friend was sent a similar blank shape, as per above, and given free reign to add, subtract, paint or destroy the objects as they pleased. the results were awesome, weird, wonderful, exotic and, i found myself describing some of them as, 'what the hell'! click here to see the bizarre family of schaffas that were created. after creation, the pieces were returned back to chris and sam and then exhibited at the urban cow gallery in adelaide, and auctioned off with the proceeds going to oxfam's close the gap campaign.

2010 is time for schaffas 2! and guess who's been invited to create a schaffa with a yummy twist...?! uhuh, little ol' me! i feel so privileged to be involved with the second round of schaffas, and also feel quite nervous and anxious about what i will create! will i paint it? will i make an outfit with some funky material and dress it? will it wear shoes? will they be heels or boots? will i make it weird? or will i make it pretty? i am thinking of course, that my schaffa will be expecting. will she be hormonal and have completely lost the plot with her fashion sense or hair colour? will she constantly have morning sickness and be forced to wear a sick bag necklace? or... will she be a he?!

i can see that there is going to be some exciting and crazy times ahead in the yummy mummies household through our schaffa phase, lets hope we all come out of it alive and laughing our heads off!

Monday, January 18, 2010

review this :: mums card

what a fantastic idea a mums card is! mums are some of the busiest people there is, so why shouldn't we have our own "business card". i recently received my own cards from the lovely tanya at mums card and i am just so happy with them. the cards come packaged in a funky silver tin which is nice and skinny, so finding a spot for it in the handbag was no drama's at all. i chose single sided elephant cards with the white background, i just love these elephants to bits! i love all of the designs actually, none of them are daggy or over the top, they are nice, simple, stylish and colourful. and so damn handy!

i think these would make a wonderful baby gift, i would have loved to receive them anyway. they are an awesome way to give out your phone number at any kind of mother's meeting groups or events. a great way to keep in contact with new mum friends! also great to leave with the babysitter or nanny, i even popped the dad's contact number on our cards, for just incase i'm out of reach. there are loads of ways to use mum cards, and not necessarily just for the mums either. pop on over to the website and see some of the idea's for yourself. you'll be glad you clicked!

i am also hooked on the gift tags. a birthday card is always lovely, but seriously, we mostly just throw them into the recycling bin a week later, don't we? with the fun designs you have to choose from, you'll be hooked too. very 2010.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

back on line

my computer crashed over a week ago and while i was most upset and said a few naughty words to it, i really had a wonderful week without it. a blessing in disguise. i enjoyed the simple things of life. i hung out with my daughter; we played some jigsaw's and ate ice-cream. i also managed to catch up on some house work and have some nana naps! and now here i am, computer back in play, and ready for a full week of blogging xx

Thursday, January 7, 2010

found the perfect height chart

as my little poppet slowly approaches the 2 year old mark (and although i can hardly believe that), i'm a little excited to test out this double the height theory on her (i know, the small things in life excite me the most), to see if she's gonna be a shorty like her mum or six foot like her dad! so this has started a search in finding a groovy height chart for her. it didn't take me long at all, i'm totally smitten with the cocoon couture wood land height chart from bubba bling. it's exactly the style i had in mind, and much to my delight, it's even on sale! loving that! also loving that it comes with three acorn shaped pegs that you can write the kiddies names on. it comes packaged in the cutest cylinder, i'm thinking these would also make a pretty cool and different kind of birthday gift. i love it when you find what you're looking for!

Monday, January 4, 2010

bye bye 2009

it may be the 4th of the new year, but today is my reality that 2009 is now behind us. i had an amazing year watching my first child grow into a gorgeous little toddler, and i also began my wahm journey with yummy mummies & mini me. i met some wonderful people in 09, whether it be in the flesh or through cyber space, some wonderful friendships have been formed.

2010 is already exciting. the seeds have been sown, our website has been re-designed and re-launched. we have new labels on board now and will continue to introduce more throughout the year. we will extend our own maternity label, lady bump, even further with new designs. we hope to find more facebook friends so we can continue to chit chat with other mum's, dad's, aunties and everyone in between, learning and taking what we want from each other's advice. and for our blog, we introduce a new sponsors section, so be sure to visit these awesome websites and learn a bit about what it is they have on offer.

for those of you expecting this year, congratulations and may you enjoy your pregnancy. and for those of you with children already, good luck with your journey. for everyone else, all the best for the year that has started! mwah xx