Friday, February 17, 2012

bella b wear. on sale.

shop the sale. dress the bump. bella b wear. a label you can wear while pregnant. a label you can wear if you're not. on sale.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

sharing a story {my story} in cosmo pregnancy

every mum-to-be has a tale to tell of her nine-month journey. in the newest issue of cosmo pregnancy, autumn 2012, i share some of the emotions i experienced while having a low-lying placenta during my second pregnancy.

i was excited and nervous about sharing my little pregnancy story with the world. pregnancy and motherhood can be very touchy subjects, and some of us have very strong opinions on certain issues and procedures. and so we should. i like to share. i like to help. if someone wants my thoughts on a subject, i love talking about my own experiences, and on the flipside of that, i love listening to other parents and parents-to-be tell me their own experiences - the good, the fabulous, the not-so-good, and the really crappy parts - it all helps me grow into the person and mother that i am.

so a big thanks to the girls at cosmo for sharing my story with their readers. and big love photo credits to our favourite photographer, naomi v photography for our maternity photo's used in the article x

Monday, February 13, 2012

iphone italk : country road

i may need to put a shoppers warning on this post, so be warned retail junkies! the country road iphone app has thought of some great app features. apart from viewing the newest collections with extreme ease, you can enter in your card/member number and receive notifictaions of your benefits, like your spend and save offers, and you can also see your year to date spendage. you can use the store locator to find your nearest store, with opening hours, maps and contact details.

a very cool app that's worth the free download. just search country road.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

review this : weil baby training cup

sitting in my review box has been the weil baby drinking cup. at the time, neither of my mini me's were at the right age to complete the review, so this time the review was done by tiny tester lulu. lulu's mum is wrapped with the weil baby cup, and 5 months on, the cup is still in mint condition with no leakages and the teat still in perfect shape. here is what trina shared with us :

“Having 2 little girls, I have tried so many sippy cups etc in the past, but the weil cup by far has been the best! I love the little handles on the side for an easy grip, and also how it doesn’t leak when thrown on the floor etc, like most of them do. I would certainly recommend it, definitely no complaints here!”

unfortunately production has now stopped for this range, but you can still find the odd cup or bottle around on a few websites at discounted prices. we found a few pieces at avidiva and gifts 4 kids, starting around the $10 mark. big thanks to trina and lulu for testing out this product!

Monday, February 6, 2012

wearing : the belted scarf

have you tried belting your scarf? it's such an easy and effective fashion trend that can just pop that every day outfit and give it a bit of jous. there are endless options on how to belt a scarf, from silky leight weight scarves in the summer, to thick lucious woolen ones in winter. you can wear it basic and long like i have here, you can loop it once or twice around the neck to bring the height up and give you more neck coverage, skinny belts, thick belts, you get the drift!

i particulary find this look useful while i'm a breast feeding mumma. here i wear the lilly b nursing tank in white, so i have instant access to my feeding aparatus. i actually unclip my belt and my scarf is wide enough to cover my baby and discreetly feed her. i drape my scarf around my neck for this reason, and also because this gives me an elongated look {aka - makes me look taller when really i'm not}.

it still looks great from the back, the belt doesn't look too out of place. i'm digging this look. do you wear it? will you try it this year? i wear :

scarf : one red hen
belt : op shop
jeans : country road

Thursday, February 2, 2012

swimwear sale : now on

it may be the last month of summer, but it's definately not time to hang up that beach or pool towel yet. we've reduced baby and girls swimwear on our site to 25% and 50% off.

swimming lessons are back into swing now, so grab a bargain and have your little style queen strutting poolside in some fabulous designs. the red polka dot one piece from bobbi sunshine swimwear is a classic piece that will never grow old, and reduced to $37.45. the sizing of the bobbi sunshine swimwear is pretty spot on to age.

rashies are a year round must-have if you're a beach goer and our bobbi sunshine short sleeve pink paisley rashie is such a pretty piece and reduced to $35.95. pair this up with a mix match of prints, with the floral bikini for $22.45.

our li'l ludy frill one piece and baby swim pants are now at 50% off. check out our swimwear sale online here {}, and add a few sale goodies to that 2012 present drawer!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

yummy mummies has checked in to : her blog

yep, at long last, i am feeling "back into it". back into business and back into the blog. i've been all caught up in our new baby bubble here, i've hardly had a spare minute to even look at my blog, let alone log into it! but you don't need me to tell you how busy life is, cause you've got your own going on too.

children are the absolute best and most fun time wasters there are. i love it. i love being the mum. i may whinge about being tired, it's true. i may be off in tired fairy land, that's true too. even this morning, i paid for my "quick shop" at coles, and headed off with both girls sitting in the trolley, but forgot to collect my 4 grocery bags. i'm tired, it's true. but i still love it. i love being the mum of my two little people. the boss. the mum.

i've got so many idea's and stories i want to share with you this year. i've got loads of product reviews coming up, some fashion tips and how-to-wear idea's, new winter stock to tell you about, and some changes happening to our shopping site also.

i might be a month late, but here's to twenty twelve. i hope YOUR twenty twelve is filled with awesomeness. check you back here soon x