Thursday, February 18, 2010


it's time to get with the times. apparently. my old lg phone conveniently died right on it's 2 year contract a couple of weeks ago and i was forced to get myself a new phone. there really wasn't any doubt in my mind that i would go for something else other than the iphone, not when i run a business and i hear so much great feedback from other business owners that just wouldn't be without their iphones. so i have now joined the cult. feel free to tell me about handy app's and all that. although it literally took me around half an hour to work out how to insert my sim card, i am sure i'll master this little beauty within a few weeks! =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

no, it's not a baby's trumpet!

it's a wooden stethoscope! i love that 'back in the day' products are being reinvented for the modern world, like this midwife's wooden stethoscope from bebe online. traditionally, midwives would use a similar wooden instrument to pick up the fetal heartbeat from around the 20 week mark. and world wide this practice is still happening. now we can bring this groovy product into our homes and let all of our loved ones, including anxious little siblings, have turns in getting to hear the growing baby inside. it's a cool product and i think i will definately have to get one of these when and if i am pregnant again. i can see it living in my handbag already!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

simple sundays

i love that the simple things in life are the bestest fun. i love that on the weekends when the dad is home we head to the beach, and just walk or play in the sand or in the mud. i love the feeling you get from sitting at a lookout, the way your mind sits in neutral. i love that my daughter knows how to make us laugh, and herself! i love having days like these with my little family, where it doesn't matter if i ignore the pile of washing that needs to be folded, or if we get fish and chips for dinner. these days are normally our sundays. how do you like to spend your sundays?

Monday, February 8, 2010

say it with momiji

it's coming up to valentines day and i love all the wonderful newsletters that come out at this time of year. momiji has thus far been my favourite, full of cute, cute and more cute! momiji dolls are small message dolls that only stand about 3 inches tall. inside each doll there is a tiny folded card for your own secret message. turn the doll upside down to find the message hidden underneath. in 2009 momiji produced a limited edition, set of 3, love dolls by malaysian artist kong soo (only 1000 sets worldwide to be precise), and although you can't purchase the set, you can purchase a single love doll from the momiji website. how bout that for a super cute valentines gift!

i gave my daughter a momiji doll for her 1st birthday. her momiji is dancedancedance, very appropriate at the time, as summer had just found her groove, so it always reminds me of summer dancing. i put a special little love note in it for her, and hopefully when she's old enough to read she will keep it somewhere safe and always have a read of my message every now and then to remind her of how much i love her.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

pink on display

i stumbled accross a gorgeous blog tonight and found this pretty picture in one of the posts. the blog is mimi loves and although i have no idea what is written as it's in a different language, i can still appreciate the gorgeous images she has used. there are a couple of reasons why i decided to blog this photo. the first is that i love pink. i always have since as long as i can remember. but i have found it difficult to decorate my home with the colour. most of my home is decorated with a lot of red. red highchair, red kettle, red cooking scales (and i don't even cook), red pillows, you get my drift. but seeing these kitchen stools in pink is really tickling my fancy! this area has been done so well with just a touch of pink. and those gorgeous chandeleirs! the second reason to the image is that another favourite blogger of mine, skye rocket studio, has been making the occassional post with display idea's for images. i love how this display area puts some warmth into the room with the pink. i just love it.

the nursery fairy

when i was home for christmas, i just had to pop in and check out this divine little shop that i had seen online and heard so much about. the nursery fairy is a family owned and operated business, in my home town of wagga wagga. it came about when the owners designed a nursery for their friends as a gift back in 2002. from there, a service for designing themed nurseries and rooms in the country area had evolved. and so the nursery fairy was born.

the gorgeous little shop, aka the nursery fairy headquarters, has got all of the newest and latest nursery goodies, things for babies, things for big kids and things for the mum-to-be (i spied a cute little pregnancy journal in the shop when i called in). the nursery fairy continue to offer their decorating services, and also host baby showers either in store or out. you can even create your own baby registry and share it around with your family and friends so once baby is here, he or she can be spoiled from head to toe in nursery fairy goodies!

this was my favourite from the store, an orange fish pouf. i tried really hard to think of a way to attach it to our car so we could bring it back home, but my plan had no chance of surviving, our car was jam packed on the way back, i'm suprised we even fit ourselves in!

photo credit: skye rocket studio

along with the store, the nursery fairy has a gorgeous little blog and online store. make yourself known and say hi to jen and all of the nursery fairies.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

gorgeous fabrics

i love the feeling you get when you see pretty fabrics. here a few of the designs from saffron craig that are available at the oz material girls. what would you make/do with these fabrics?