Thursday, November 18, 2010

i'm a winner : n is for nanette

i had to share these two adorable headbands i won through n is for nanette's facebook page. i'm not clever enough to photograph them on my own head, so out came the bribes and miss moo became my little model. her bribe was the blue and pink headband, although she really wanted them both, i just couldn't give up the rose vintage headband. it is absolutely stunning and went straight into mummy's bathroom, out of reach of little hands.

i'm so happy with my suprise win, the work put into these headbands is impeccable. nanette is currently doing another giveaway on her page, where you send her a picture of your favourite dress and the winner gets a customised headband to match their dress. off i go to check my wardrobe...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

iphone italk : little crew

you may have seen this cute little bird flapping his wings around the place lately. he is the mascot for a cute iphone app called little crew. i don't know about you, but i am a sucker for anything that looks gorgeous, is fun, and has anything to do with kid's shopping. if you're the same, you're going to love little crew. at the moment the app is free, so grab out your phone and look it up, or click on the image above and grab it from itunes.

peta is a mum of 3 and the woman behind little crew. she has created an app that is "the luxe guide to children's shopping", and that it is. there are 5 categories in the app : clothes, travel, toys, accessories and featured. each product that is reviewed has been road tested personally by peta and her children.

a while ago, peta road tested our new kids tea's : the tea party and superhero juice by she-tea {and he-tea}. you can find peta's article on our tea's here.

if you're on facebook, the little crew app also has a facebook page which gives us snippets of bits and pieces that have been featured on the app. the app and page are both worth a download and a like. we recommend.

iphone italk : stella mccartney kids fashion and fun

with all the hype of the stella mccartney kids launch this week, i was pleasantly suprised to see that there is a free iphone app to go with the package.

the app easily lets you browse the lookbook and see the whole collection {babies, girls and boys, 0-12}, you can view and select items and keep them in your favourites, and then when you're ready to purchase you can drop them in your shopping basket and purchase. oh my, purchasing from your iphone. how easy. how dangerous!

there's also a play section which i found a bit fun {see image above}. i also noticed there is a playground on the website aswell. i love this extra feature, it's nice to keep it real and make it fun, for the kids and the mum's! if you're into kids fashion, this free app won't dissappoint you. go grab it now!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

smell me yummy

do you have a signature scent, or do you like to have several scents? i used to have 2 or 3 bottles of perfumes going at the one time; one for work, one for weekends and one for going out. these days, i don't go to work as such and i rarely 'go out', and that disposable income i used to have, no longer seems to exist! so i've been a one bottle mummy for a while now.

i have just finished my bottle of fendi palazzo, and oh my i loved it. but i'm the type who likes to move on and try something different. the image above represents my 4 favourite smells; fendi palazzo, jean paul gaultier classique, chanel coco madamoiselle and calvin klein euphoria. i am considering going back to either euphoria or coco madamoiselle, as it's been a while since i've had them. i remember the days when in my lunch break i would pop into myers and try a new perfume on each arm, let them sit, then decide if they were me or not. nowadays, i don't really get to the malls that often, not when most of my shopping is done online.

i saw over on good mum hunting a few suggestions, and i had lots of lovely suggestions on our facebook page too - like gucci guilty, chloe love, marc jacobs daisy - all of which i made a special little trip to the myer perfume counter and tried on, but just wasn't totally grabbed by any, if you know what i mean? i did try jil sanders jil, it was ok, again though, didn't grab me.

what do you currently wear? what would you suggest i try next?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hot spot : little kickers gold coast

i like to take summer to the occassional activity lesson. i don't like to fill her week with activities, there's plenty of time for a social life once she gets a tad older, i'm sure! she currently goes to swimming lessons, and more recently she has joined little kickers.

what's little kickers? play not push - a fun and imaginative introduction to soccer for children aged 2 years to 5 years. devised in the uk in 2002, little kickers has arrived down under to benefit our little aussies.

it's so much more than kicking around a ball. the idea is to use soccer as a fun medium to help the kids learn social skills like listening, sharing, taking turns and teamwork; practice learning skills like colours and numbers; and fine-tuning their basic balance, agility and co-ordination skills.

it's heaps of fun, and although it's not just all about kicking soccer balls and scoring goals, this does happen and let me tell you, there are some champion goal scorers in our group! i have to tell you about one of the little kickers... in one of our first sessions, he was scoring goals and then doing the whole lift his shirt over his head and running off with his arms in the air thing. seeing a 2 year old do this had me in stitches, what a legend!

we sit in circles at the beginning and end of the lessons and say hello and goodbye to each and every player. we pass the ball around the circle, putting all of those above mentioned social skills into play yet again.

and... they even get stickers and stamps to go home with! can't get much better than that!

the coaches are awesome. our coaches at southport are coach amanda and coach dane. coach abbey {in the middle with summer} and hubby coach brad are the ones who have brought little kickers to the gold coast.

sound cool? sound like something you'd like to take your mini me along to and check out? well your first session is a free trial session, so why not! for us gold coasters, there are currently sessions on saturday mornings in southport and pac pines. classes are at 8am, 9am, 10am and 11am in both locations. you will need to contact abbey on 07 5574 9027, 0457 602 219 or to reserve your free trial spot and to find out more information. little kickers gold coast have also recently started up a facebook page, so if you're on facebook pop over and like their page to keep in the loop and up to date with classes and little kickers goss.

check the little kickers website for other locations accross the nations. i noticed there are loads of nsw locations to choose from.