Saturday, December 19, 2009

review this :: designer collection by stuck on you

i received a super lovely package from stuck on you that consisted of a couple of items from their designer collection. i have to say, i absolutely loved what i got! already famous for their name labels, stuck on you have now introduced a gorgeous collection that features canvases, height charts, labels and t-shirts like the one summer is wearing. these t-shirts are fantastic, they're made from quality fabric that i know is going to last my toddler through her adventures!

even through her so called funny new tricks! i love these pair of birdies on the t-shirt, so whimsical and so cute, with gorgeous modern colours. we also got some groovy vinyl labels which we labelled onto summer's lunch box. she thought it was very cool and thought we should label everything that is in the tupperware cupboard, not just her lunch box! the vinyl labels are made to stay stuck, even through the dishwasher and in the microwave. so no more half peeled off labels!

i am really impressed with not only the quality of the products from stuck on you, but also the modern designs and the whole fun factor of it all. you should definately pop on over to their website and check out all the other groovy stuff they have. you won't be disappointed!


  1. she is divine, even with both fingers up her nose she is lovely! Such a cheeky poppet! Lovin' the labels and how cute is that tee!

  2. Wow love it!!! :) I am a personal shopper n looking to extend my business by adding maternity! love it ! am a new follower! x

  3. thanks ladies! and welcome nikki, i am also loving your blog too =) xx