Thursday, December 6, 2012

review this + giveaway : stuck on you drink bottle

in my few years of parenting i have been through a ridiculous amount of sippy cups and drink bottles. recently i have test driven the stuck on you drink bottle with my 4yo daughter, and to be really honest, my 18mo daughter too!

i need my children's drink bottles to fit a bit of a criteria. might sound silly, might sound a bit o.t.t., and well that's just part of my makeup! the low down on this drink bottle... it fits in the drink holder on miss 4's carseat. check. and in the front of the car too. check. i've had a couple that have been too big around the base to fit in snuggly, so i love this point. second win is that i have ditched the nappy bag and am now on handbag status again. this drink bottle is a 500ml capacity, so it fits standing up in my handbag, so is easy to keep organised and can be grabbed straight out with no fumbling around. love that. the pop cap is still quite firm for miss 4 to open and close herself, which i like because it means i know that a certain 1yo can't sneak it away and tip water all over, well, everything! the designs are so pretty, love it personalised with a name, means it's easily recognisable at daycare, or anywhere we go that involves other drink bottles. it's stainless steel and bpa free. check, check and check.
miss 18-months-going-on-4-years {sheesh}, has proven her ability to drink from this drink bottle also. which is great. big girl status! so a frankie design will be hiding under our christmas tree for her this year.
i've teamed up with stuck on you and we are going to give away one personalised drink bottle, valued at $24.95 and posted free to you. wanna know how you can go in the draw to win one? firstly, go visit the stuck on you website :: :: find the drink bottles and choose your favourite. come back here to this blog post and leave a comment below {if you are leaving a comment as anonymous, please leave me an email address, or even email it to me, so that if you win i can contact you} with what design you will choose if you win one. pretty easy, and well worth the effort if you do win!
i will randomly draw out a winner on monday morning {december 10}.
good luck!


  1. Bit obsessed with personalised stuff at the moment! A drink bottle would be a great xmas present! I like the patterned bird design. Actually i really like your one for Summer with the girl on the swing but i can't see that?!?

  2. Hi bec! I love the one with the girl on the cute!! xo

  3. Naterlee LovegroveDecember 7, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    Having two girls means I can like/lust after more than one!

    FOr Piper Id have to choose the Singing Bird

    For Ella she'd love the Fantasy one as she loves Mermaids!

  4. Love the singing bird for Harper :)
    (Ps. Signing as anonymous but its me, mrs_mcmoore!)

  5. Hi Bec, gotta love a water bottle that fits in the car seat! So many don't and it drives me crazy as well haha.. I love the Spring Bird design... fingers crossed. xx

  6. I have a little girl that is starting school next year that would LOVE the fantasy design !

    email addy is

  7. Loving the robots and dinos for my little man and the spring garden and tall birds for the girl

  8. I hope I'm not too late to enter... we always need drink bottles here! I love the patterned bird design. Thanks, Liesl x


  9. These are gorgeous!! My favorite for my Miss Matilda is the girl on a swing....

  10. we drew a winner the old school way - all the names scrunched up and put in a basket and my 4yo pulled out terry-ann as the winner! congrats terry-ann, and thanks for entering everyone! x