Friday, January 18, 2013

style file : bobbi sunshine swimwear

it's almost always a beach day here on the gold coast. even if it does involve a hoodie and a blanket, i have really grown to appreciate the beauty and benefits of living at the beach. my children don't know any different, both of them born and bred on coastal grounds. my girlfriend and i often call it easy parenting at the beach, the kids can run for miles, build sandcastles, talk and screech as loud as they want, and if i've had a particulary difficult or sleep deprived morning, then it lets me calm down and clear my head while they are happy and content to play and explore. i admit, it has taken me probably 4 of the 6 and a bit years i have been living here to be 'ok' with the sand everywhere thing. it's in the car, in your hair, through the house, at the bottom of the washing basket... you get my point?! maybe at that turning point of not caring about the sand, i finally became a 'local'?
summer holidays see our beaches at their fullest, and each and every summer our swimmer collection grows. long gone are the days when one, or maybe two {at the max}, swimsuits were more then enough to see me through our swimming days. my kids have at least 5 pairs on the go and i am so happy with the durability and the wear, and secondly important, the designs of the bobbi sunshine swimwear label. this is my second year of stocking the label at my shop and already i'm busting to see what designs and styles are in store for next summer, as i know i will be sticking with this brand. pictured above is summer and marley who are both wearing bobbi sunshine rainbow bunting suits. summer is 4 and a half and is wearing the rashie and bikini pant, although you can't quite see the pant from the rashie covering them, in a size 4. marley is 3 and a half and is wearing the full piece in a size 4 also. so you can see from the styling of the full piece that the sizing is actually quite versatile and marley is going to get at least another one or two summer's out of her pair. summer still has room in her rashie, and depending on what growing she does this year, i dare say she'll be wearing this rashie next summer also. the fabric is 80% nylon 20% lycra with a spf of 50+. this season's full piece is lined inside with another layer of fabric, which makes them so soft and comfortable to wear.

if you're looking for swimwear, pop over to our shopping site {especially if your eyes have not met the yellow chevron full piece yet! and mum's of boys, there is a very cute board short available in the yellow chevron too, sizes 1-12}. i only have a few select style and sizes left in stock, but i can most definately order in your size if it's not available on the site. you'll need to allow about a 3-4 day turn around for delivery on special orders. feel free to flick me an email for more info and if you would like to see the full available range.

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